Catherine and John

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Our Story

From Catherine: John and I both attended the University of Texas at the same time, overlapping in friends and attending the same events. He even grew up with one of my college best friends, now bridesmaid - but we never met! The luck of both having best friends from Lake Travis brought us together the week he moved back to Austin in April of 2017, and we haven't stopped talking since the day we met.

From John: I knew I wanted to propose somewhere with very specific criteria: a good view of the city, drinks, and privacy - a tough trio. After asking friends for recommendations, I consulted my aunt, asking if her downtown office had a rooftop patio. It did not, but she had a better idea - the Headliner’s Club in the Chase Tower, offering 360-degree views, nice drinks (and free popcorn!), and the ability to propose without strangers around.

I tricked Catherine into joining my aunt and me at the Headliner’s Club before a Friday night dinner reservation at Mattie’s. After my aunt had to “head back to the office,” I prompted a tour of the space before leading Catherine to a pre-arranged room with chairs facing the window and great views. I proposed in the perfect setting before we headed to our celebratory dinner at what is now our wedding venue!